In Lovely Blueness: Adventures in Troubled Light

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In 2004 Colm Toibin curated an exhibition at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin called 'Blue' which consisted of blue objects from the collection. This is his introduction to the catalogue.

What unites these works from so many different cultures is the collector’s eye. And they are united too for us looking at them, knowing that this colour, this lovely blueness, used in all of them, does not come from on high but rather it comes from history, it was developed by trade and commerce, including the slave trade. What seems miraculous and timeless was shaped by complex human forces. This idea makes the works seem almost defenceless as they wallow and indulge themselves in troubled light, alert to their own beauty and fragility and strange heritage. They are in time and out of time as the enfolding shadows grow around them in the old city.

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